Prairie Princesses and Pioneers

    Happy birthday to my beautiful mama! My Mom who is a member of the DAR and descendant of pilgrims, kings, queens, knights and all kinds of interesting people from history; her great…great-grandfather William Tracy was the governor of the Berkeley Colony in Virginia the year before the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts. To me she’s the mom who loved […]

Pilgrims, Patriots and Pioneers

A story of patriotism and heroism from the archives. This transcript is from The Kim Power Stilson BYU SiriusXM 143 Radio show celebrating “Pilgrims, Pioneers and Patriots: The Builders of our Nation” (25 June 2014.) Kim, Thank you for inviting me here today to have a little chat about the “Builders of our Nation” – Our heroes the Pilgrims, Patriots […]

Art for children in the Salt Lake City area

Summer is the perfect time to engage children in the visual arts. The pace of life changes and there is often time for creativity and reflection. I wrote this article that features 13 creative opportunities for children in the Salt Lake City area, it was published on Here is a Pioneer Day scavenger hunt for your littles on […]

Memorial Day Thoughts

With extreme gratitude, I’d like to direct your attention to the memory of great patriots who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and safety. Although the poppies are a reminder of the soldiers we lost at Flanders Field, I am re-blogging this story from the annals of history about 1 courageous man and his vision for the preservation of Western Civilization […]

A Poem for Mother

I am forever grateful for my mother and all that she means to me.  Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and the wonderful women who enrich my life and make the world a better place. I wrote this tribute for you A Tribute to Mother “Mother I love you so,” said the child.“I love you more than I know.”She laid […]