Father’s Day 2024

I wish I could say happy Father’s Day but the happiest thing about this one is that my sister’s husband, with whom I sat in hospice the past 3 days, died yesterday instead of today, Father’s Day. He and my sister shared a deep and eternal love, her children adored him and he loved them like his own. Considerate to the end, he was an amazing man, loved by many; he will be sorely missed.

He was always the first to rise, to take the bill, to open the car door for ladies and to make sure everyone had what they needed to be comfortable. He worked in construction, and with a sense of style and a fastidious laser focus attention to detail; built multi-million dollar mansions on the beaches of Corona Del Mar, California. He had the most extensive collection of tape measures. His favorite sound was a Harley engine and although he worked in a tough industry, he cleaned up very well.

He loved my sister and her children and was, in every way, a treasured part of our family. Quiet and unassuming, every activity or get-together he attended was better because he was there. He was at my mother’s side when she passed away two years ago. Best brother-in-law ever. Alzheimer’s took his memory but his huge heart beat strong until the very end. I am devastated. Fly high Davey, it has been a privilege to have had you in our world.