Merry Christmas 2023!

All finished! This fun guide to homemade treats and treasures is finally wrapped up. Here are a few of the adorable projects you will find inside:

Easy decorating and entertaining ideas.

A Christmas quiet book for your favorite busy little person.

Wool felt advent stockings to count down the days.

Treats and sweets to celebrate the birth of the Savior.

Little gifties for your favorite people.

Heritage gifts that highlight family history in fun and creative ways.

Stories and media to enrich your family’s enjoyment of Christmas.

Creative table settings for memorable meals.

Handmade crafts and gifts from the heart.

Decorating ideas to help us remember the Reason for the Season.

From our home to yours – warmest wishes for your merriest Christmas ever!

Other books in the artisan series:

A Harvest and Halloween Handbook 2nd Edition a book of fun and alternative activities, recipes and parties to create your happiest autumn and Halloween ever.

A Mermade’s Tale: The Adventures of Shell and Pearl , a quiet chapter book filled with stories of the lives of mermaid children, crafts and creative fun.

3 Replies to “Merry Christmas 2023!”

  1. You seem to know so lot about this, as if you wrote the book in it, or something. I believe you could add a few images to help emphasize the point a little more, but other than that, this is an amazing article, well worth reading, and I will definitely be back.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I have written a book, I’m looking for an agent and publisher. Welcome!

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