Pioneer Day 2023

Kiddos learn best when they are having fun and here’s a way to learn and beat the summer heat with these entertaining and educational Pioneer Day activities.

The settling of the West in America in the 19th Century was an exhausting, daunting task. My ancestors were among thousands of pioneers who braved the elements, hostile animals, and other difficulties to carve out communities in the West.

Last summer I created Pioneer kits with supplies and instructions for celebrating the hardy souls who settled the West. This year, I collected all of the instructions, patterns and recipes and put them in a digital kit to help you make the best Pioneer Day activity for your family, neighborhood, church group, reunion or anyone who wants to honor our intrepid forebearers.

There’s a pattern for stick horses to race to put out wildfires and bag buffaloes, games to show off skills and round up dogies, plus over a dozen activities that teach children about taming the wilderness with fun for all ages and recipes that are popular for Western celebrations.

Join the westward migration with your own DIY celebration!

This instant digital download is available on Etsy, get yours today!

Keep your children close and teach them about those that came before.

Some of the Best of the West:

The Transcontinental Railroad joins the East and West coasts at promontory Point.

Exactly 100 years before America put a man on the moon, the Transcontinental Railroad traverses North America, creating faster travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Western cowboys show off their mad skills at rodeos. After the Civil War, the western expansion put many veterans to work as cowboys.

150 years later, the tradition lives on in competitions across the West. This rodeo at Kamas, Utah was very entertaining!

A Pioneer Era window from a chapel in Salt Lake City. Though the road to freedom of worship was long and hard, the devotion of early Latter-day Saints was exhibited in their artistry that made places of worship, places of beauty too.

Happy Pioneer Day and thank you to our early forbearers that sacrificed to create Zion in the wilderness and make America great.

Happy Pioneer Day!