Autumn Celebrations!

OOOOooo the beauty of autumn! Whether you are planning a harvest celebration or Halloween party we have ideas to light up your nights. A Harvest and Halloween Handbook is like a best friend who knows how to cook – and here are some of our favorite ideas to help you plan your happiest Halloween.

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  1. Pick a DATE
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Since Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, you might want to host an alternative party. Consider a get-together, neighborhood trick-or-treat or trunk or treat on a Friday or Saturday night for religious reasons or to avoid a Monday morning hangover for sugared-up school-kiddos.

2. Select a THEME

Why not try something new this year?

Gratitude for the blessings of the harvest is a cross-cultural multi-millennia-old foundation for fall festivities.

Perhaps a party calling to mind the historic settings of your family heritage would be entertaining. Consider early American, Western, European, Asian or Central American or African themes. The French have La Toussiant, the Latin Americans remember their ancestors on Dia De Los Muertos. Jewish friends celebrate blessings of the harvest with Sukkot or the Feast of the Tabernacles.

It’s late for Sukkot this year, but next year…

There are classic themes based on country fairs, earlier eras and literature such as “Winnie the Pooh,” and “The Wizard of Oz.”   Take a new Halloween theme and give it a traditional Halloween look by using lots of orange, purple, yellow, citron and black, stars, lightening bolts, moons and other Halloween  icons. 

The Mad Hatter waiting in the yard.

Favorites for the younger ones

Create a Halloween western adventure, explore space, have a pirate romp, “It’s a jungle out there,” expedition, medieval festival or dress as characters from Cinderella or another favorite fairy tale, event or story. How about a fashion show with an invitation to come as your favorite ______or host a “Come as you really are” party.

Since we’re getting together more this year, how about hosting a carnival for church, neighborhood or school? It’s not too late with a little help from your friends.

3. Send out/deliver INVITATIONS

5 Little Pumpkins and more – easy to download and print from
A Harvest and Halloween Handbook
Make a cute postcard with vintage charm on the front and back

4. DECORATE – because, you know, “all the world’s a stage…”

Update a thrift store dollhouse for fun decor and a scavenger hunt later
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A little old-school fun.
Highlight Halloween past with your own FAMILY TREE
Fine art for Halloween: an oil painting and a charcoal drawing

5. Plan a MENU

Make it elaborate or easy on yourself! Let your guests help too.

Get your party started with a glowing punch bowl – ok, maybe without the lightning.
Something they will be talking about for years – a “What was under that rock trifle?”
A delicious classic Pumpkin Pie Cake goes with every theme!
A Medieval Meal- the Scottish in me loves a good tartan.
A Farmhouse Feast – try Cheesy Potato Chowder in pumpkin bread bowls
An Autumn Picnic with rustic turkey and pesto sandwiches
An Enchanted Evening
A French treat: at La Toussaint remember ancestor and enjoy hot cheese fondue
Make it easy – brownie mix with trick-or-treat candy sprinkled on top

6. FUN AND GAMES for kids of all ages! What’s a party without games and diversions?

Go fish!


A wearable puppet show!

Wherever and however you celebrate – we hope you have the happiest Halloween of all!

Don’t forget to download your very own A Harvest and Halloween Handbook!