Through it all, they found love

We were still reeling from Pandemic 2020 and the outlook for many aspects of life was rather bleak. We said goodbye to loved ones unexpectedly, watched aghast at political chaos, inner-city violence and destruction then waited in lines for the miracle vaccine. Toilet paper reappeared on store shelves, but anti-viral wipes didn’t. School was in , then out, then in, then out, the economy sagged, rebounded and the market is doing who-knows-what.

And in the midst of the uncertainty and unrest – love bloomed. They met at church and after talking for a bit found they had a lot in common. They started planning dates featuring their interests and with so much of the culture in lock down; they played a lot of games. Board games, card games, re-enactments, espionage, target shooting, knife throwing and during all of this realized that they were a match made in heaven. He would somehow know when she needed a sympathetic ear, she gave him good advice and a caring heart.

And so he designed an engagement ring and had it handmade for her. And she starting arranging bouquets of dried flowers. And despite the quarantine and chaos, loved bloomed. On a beautiful morning in April, they traveled to God’s House and were sealed as husband and wife for time and all eternity.

They have supportive friends and family

And so their happily ever after began. I’ll add more photos later but you can see that through it all love bloomed.