How I Spent my Summer Vacation

With the lingering drama of the pandemic and most travel out of the question I was not anticipating much fun this summer.

My daughter had other ideas. About to celebrate a milestone birthday, she decided a trip to a lake cabin would be a special treat – and right she was!

My youngest son and I were invited to meet the fam at Flathead Lake in Montana. Hubby had to work and Mom spent a few quality days with my sister in St. George. Tim and I made a pact not to discuss anything political and we had a great drive.

The journey from our northern Utah home took us through Idaho, Falls that is. First stop THE BEES KNEES, a quaint little pub started by 2 sisters who wanted to serve “fancy food.” Oh my goodness. If you are anywhere near Idaho Falls you must make a beeline there.

The Bees Knees

We started our culinary adventure with a bacon-crusted baked Brie topped with a raspberry coulis, blackberries, strawberries, crushed honey comb, a Balsamic reduction and other delicacies. This would have been perfect all by itself but we persisted and were amply rewarded. Try it!

I had never visited Yellowstone National Park, so that was our next stop. I am now a permanent fan of the US National Parks, it was an outstanding place; an unforgettable mixture of science and nature.

No, we didn’t try to pet the fluffy cow. Tim works in a zoo and has taught us to have a healthy respect for wild animals.
My first geyser.
The wildfires in the west made an otherworldly glow.

Next stop Flathead Lake.

The sunset over the lake was amazing every day. There was always something new to admire.

Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. It’s crystal clear water was like a sparkling jewel.

We spent a lot of time in the pristine, clear water.

We saw a black bear!

We hiked at Glacier National Park in Montana, another national treasure.

More cookouts and a celebration of the birthday girl.

There’s nothing like a week at the lake to clear your head and heal your heart. Until next time!