Happy Independence Day

We’re feeling a little sad on this Independence Day. No fireworks, no parades, none of the usual activities that we enjoy to celebrate our nation’s birthday. Our families have been counseled not to gather and many of us have been home-bound since March. We’ve worried about the Chinese virus and watched as our nation shut down economically, socially, and physically. We’ve been told that this isolation is the new normal. And as President Trump and our leaders were battling heroically to get us back on track, another massive disaster hit. A part of the United States population decided they had been marginalized and unfairly treated for too long began to burn down the cities, destroy the memorials and sculptures that contain our history and heritage. Our law enforcement officers were targeted, abused, dismissed and even as they tried to protect and serve, they were attacked and injured and killed.

Earlier the Democrats, enraged that their corrupt and morally bankrupt leader presumptive wasn’t awarded the presidency, have plotted, lied and worked against our culture and our country and especially the duly-elected president, reaching a horrific crescendo with a failed coup which they dressed in sheep’s clothing and called an impeachment. Our weary hearts and minds may conclude that the Bard was correct when he stated:

How can we help our country? What can we do? For my part I have been involved in a political campaign as a volunteer coordinator. My mayor and friend decided last year to run for U.S. Congress. The election was this past week.

Even though she put up a great fight with her message of freedom over fear; sadly she did not prevail. But I was so proud of her courage and tenacity trying to restore our dwindling freedoms.

Parents, what can you do? As a “retired” parent, teacher and grandparent, I recommend that you teach your children the truth about America, teach them self-reliance, self-control and that their actions determine their futures. Teach them tolerance and respect and that they can be the positive change that our country needs. Teach them that “wickedness never was happiness.”

On a brighter note and in the spirit of celebration, lets hold in remembrance all of those who fought for our freedoms, who maintain our safe communities and enrich our homes. We at McMurtry Creative Media would like to thank you and recognize your service and sacrifice. God bless you as you bless America!

Here are some of my favorite photos of the best of this inspired experiment we call America.


The Liberty Stamp by magicmurals.com
Painting by Arnold Friberg
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Happy 4th of July to all my dear US friends that are following...
God Bless America
20 Best July 4th Porch decor ideas to spread the Patriotic Splurge in your front porch - Hike n Dip
Flickr. mealisab 
Happy 4th of July! (to any Americans)
Joseph F. Smith
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Even though our celebration was different this year; we did enjoy delicious meal. Our son Tim who has become an accomplished chef in his own right, treated us to a Southern-style feast. Tim lived in Alabama for 2 years, teaching about Christ and serving the people there. He learned a lot about the Southern culinary culture and loves to highlight their cuisine.

Tim’s 4th of July Menu

Grilled racks of pork ribs

Macaroni with 4 cheeses

Baked bourbon and brown sugar beans

Grilled corn on the cob

Ice cold watermelon

Fresh lemonade

Banana pudding with whipped cream

Cherry-berry cheesecake pie (cheesecake on the 4th has become a new tradition that we enjoy!)



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  1. Thank you Pam for for sharing you messages of Patriotism in such a beautiful presentation of 4th of July images and quotes.
    You are a multi-talented woman we are blessed to know and call Family. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸŽ†

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