Happy Mother’s Day

Every spring, we pause for a minute to give tribute to our mothers. I did the math one time to try to imagine how many meals are fed to a growing child, how many pieces of clothing are purchased or made, worn, washed, folded, put away, worn, washed, folded, put away, worn, washed, folded, put away… how many prayers are uttered, toys picked up, prom dresses made, holidays celebrated, games and concerts attended and so forth. The numbers are staggering and almost every mother you ask, says motherhood was the best and hardest thing she has ever done.

This year we are sheltering my aged mother as she lives through the final seasons of her life on earth. Living with a person with dementia can be frustrating and some of the moments and days are crazy-making but so far we are all mostly intact. I owe her.

So happy Mother’s Day to all of the women who make the world a better place. Here is a poem I composed as a thank you and a tribute to the invisible work of being a mother. To honor those long nights during teething, the tears known only to God and the triumphs and joys as well as the sorrows and regrets. As I tell my family, you do what you can and Jesus’ atonement takes care of the rest. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.


By Pamela Layton McMurtry

To Mother,



Sister, friend and

 precious women

Who give life,


and give joy.

Who bled

and fed

and hid Easter eggs,

and wrapped gifts

and dyed Halloween costumes.

Who took me to the zoo

and Disneyland,

and grew pumpkins,

and taught me to play chess

and feed my babies.

Who taught me to write thank you notes

And have good manners

and remember birthdays

and ancestors

(and love them).

And gave me crayons

and dolls

and retainers

and fishnet nylons

and a radio to take to the beach.

Who took me to visit my grandparents

and on road trips

and swimming

and had a barbecue.

Who taught me to pray

and love

and find joy

and set a beautiful table.

And to watch out for little ones,

and spell correctly,

 and feed stray kittens,

and read books.

And to try,

and fail,

and try again.

Who found our great grandfathers were kings

and great grandmothers were queens. 

Who took pictures,

and listened as I learned to read,

and filled a piƱata.

And eat Thanksgiving at the beach like Pilgrims,

and go on bike rides,

and read Luke on Christmas Eve,

and sing carols,

and find treats in my stocking.

To share with those in need,

and love art and beauty,

and wear bows in my hair

and shoes that fit,

and remember God and go to church.

Who sewed clothes,

and prayed for soldiers,

and firemen,

and missionaries,

and me. 

Who baked cakes

and arranged flowers,

and made 20,000 meals,

and made me brush my teeth.

And bought sugar sticks,

and made drawings,

and bread,

and Beef Stroganoff.

And soothed wounded hearts,

and took us to movies,

and to the woods,

and the sea.

And played

and prayed

and gave time

and love

and life.

Thank you.

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