Sunflowers, Skulls and Back to School

Late summer: the bees are buzzing, sunflowers are popping up like daisies and the back-to-school countdown has begun. Any day I can walk into my favorite retailer and find pencils, paper and Halloween decor sold simultaneously is A-OK in my book. Moms are looking for ideas to keep their kiddos ones engaged until school starts; one of my favorite things […]

Prairie Princesses and Pioneers

Let’s celebrate those hearty souls that braved the dangers of the land to settle the west! This year marks my family’s 400th anniversary in America. We have participated in many chapters of the building of this great nation including the mid-nineteenth century westward migration. These ideas for Pioneer Day celebrations and family reunion heritage events are from my A Holiday Handbook II, […]

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Every summer, I experience a condition that can only be described as throwbackitis. Do you suffer too? From music to scents to those tender little feelings that tickle the memory; they all transport me to a different time and place. Destination: Carlsbad, CA – 1779 Guevara Road Time: Mid-1960’s My family, the Laytons; my Dad, Mom, sister Cindy and Brian […]

3 Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

The Fourth of July; Independence Day – our Nation’s birthday. It is an honor and a privilege to be citizens of the greatest country in the world. So many people have sacrificed to provide the elements of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.; I’d like to thank them all but it would be impossible. So to all of you […]