Ciao, ciao, ciao

After a train ride from Windermere to Stanton airport in the UK, we found ourselves flying back to the Mediterranean. We arrived at Pisa airport and were greeted by our favorite soldier who took us home and made us a pizza; hospitality Italian-style. The next morning we were awakened by a very excited 2 year-old grandson Ender.

Certain Italian trees look like they were inspiration for Dr. Seuss’ work.

After considering our options for the day, we decided to take Ender and walk to the beach. Now Ender and his Dad had been to the beach recently to watch wildfire-fighting planes dive into the sea to scoop up water to release over a fire burning nearby. It was a chilly October afternoon when we left the house with Ender in his wagon. He rode for a while and walked for a while. Annie told us that many of the beaches along the shore with privately owned country clubs.

We finally found a beach that was actually reserved for American military personnel. Ender was very happy to see the water.

Ender and Papa enjoy a walk to the beach.

He broke free of Papa’s hand and dove right into the water!

Ender was a fire-fighting plane.

We scooped him up, wiped him off the best we could and wrapped him in Grandpa’s new jacket. We raced home so he wouldn’t get cold and popped him in the shower. After that we didn’t get to babysit Ender again.