A Stroll Through the National Gallery

The bronze lions on Trafalgar Square had a cameo role in Night at the Museum 3. 

Above Trafalgar Square sits the British National Gallery, home to a beautiful collection of fine art. Now the afternoon we visited we missed the bronze lions cavorting on the square, but there were plenty of other treasure to view. For an artist visiting the Gallery, it was like being immersed in a crowd of celebrities. 

The  Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Da Vinci 
An Impressionist’s view of London painted by Monet
Portrait by Gustav Klimpt

After perusing the salons at the Gallery we emerged from the building that overlooks Trafalgar Square, and once again, looking at the sights and not watching where I was stepping, I twisted my ankle. And I was even wearing sensible shoes. Apparently it is my annual thing to do in London. I  limped back to the Airbnb that we were staying in and our sympathetic hostesses Magda and Dorotea offered me a cup of tea and an ankle brace- I gladly accepted the ankle brace.   

The next day we were off to Westminster Abbey