Halloween ’18


Last autumn we experienced Halloween preparations in their ancestral homelands – Ireland (Samhain) and Italy (All Hallow’s Eve).

In Ireland, what I found was one aisle of decor and costumes in an upscale Target-style retailer. In Italy, more of the same with lots of pumpkins, some sold in cartons. Who did it better?  Well, to be honest what we discovered was the “Americanized” style of decor, costumes, etc., in products probably from China.  Unless you visit Europe, its hard to comprehend the depth and complexity of the influence the West (and I suppose China) has on their current culture.

Macbeth-style McMurtry Halloween

I was hoping for a Macbethian experience in Scotland, well actually we only visited Edinburgh and they have their own tartan history going on there. But they have the eerie castle thing down to an art.

Edinburgh Castle

This fall we will explore London to see if we can find vestiges of Halloween there (I’m guessing not as prevalent in a Protestant country) and return to Italy for one more look.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite Halloween preps and props, most from A Harvest and Halloween Handbook.

Decor from “A Harvest and Halloween Handbook”


Black and white is big this year for fall decor. It promotes a nice crossover from Halloween to Thanksgiving and can be charming incorporated into Christmas, saving precious time during the holiday season.

Homemade popcorn balls

Candy jar guessing game
Bubblegum necklace to make
Halloween-ize a mini basketball toss
No-hands doughnut eating contest
Mystery candy guessing game

A Harvest and Halloween Handbook features autumn celebrations such as Sukkot and La Toussaint. Let me help you get ready for autumn 2018 holidays with your A Harvest and Halloween Handbook download. Be sure to take it shopping for decor, recipes and activities to treat your family and friends.

3 of 32 coloring pages included in A Harvest and Halloween Handbook

Hey it’s still July.