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Ok guys and gals, “Costume Doyenne” Rhonda Cowan, co-owner of Etoile Costume and Gift in Tarzana, CA (check out their great sales and Labyrinth Ball), has once again shared her top costume picks for Halloween ’18!  Buy, rent or DIY and get ready to partay!

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Black Panther – The Wrap

Still strong this fall is Black Panther and the Pantheon of Superheroes. Roll up your magic lasso and get ready for Wonder Woman and her classic cohorts.

Illustration by Kelly Jensen

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Photo by ChicagoReader.com

From Rhonda, “We’re figuring Pooh and friends will probably be popular.
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Photo by DHGate.com
The Anime convention was really popular, so I think Anime characters will be big. Mostly they create their own costumes then  just (add) big wigs and make-up to finish.
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Faze Magazine photo
Glow in the dark make-up for young pre-teens.
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Photo by geek-pride.co.uk
Star wars for little ones is always a hit. Frozen is still really popular for the 4-8 year olds.
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cosplaygen.com photo
We’re seeing lots of interest from adults for Goth, Steampunk and always 20’s, but more the Gatsby look than flappers and gangsters.
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The Guardian photo of Mercury and Bowie
Rockstars, especially Freddie Mercury and David Bowie’s early incarnations.
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The sexy costume lines have sort of died away. Ladies still want to be sexy, but they want to be a little more covered. Belly Dancers and anything with lots of feathers, like burlesque or showgirls for the 20-30‘s group.
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Photo by Madeyewlook Twice – Check her makeup video on Youtube; link below
Wizards and pretty witches are in. No one wants warts and green skin, but witchy is good.
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We’re getting requests for dragons and unicorns.
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Dinosaurs are popular and will probably still be at Halloween. We have the inflatables on order for both boys and men. If I think of anything else, I’ll shoot you a message.” Looking forward to it.
Rhonda, you are the best, thank you!
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