Happy Easter!

On this Thursday evening, I am thinking about the Last Supper, Christ’s agony in Gethsemane, the trials and the final walk to Golgotha on Friday. I am so very grateful for the atonement; that God would offer to spare his loved ones from the demands of justice, gifting us instead with the gentler law of mercy.

I’m impressed that we worship a God so understanding and magnanimous that He doesn’t seem to mind that we celebrate the most sacred day of the year with symbols adapted from secular, even pagan sources. If the children are happy, it is all right.

So in honor of His return of life, the renewal of Spring, the happiness of Easter and all things bright and beautiful, here are a few Easter favorites.

Easy and fun dessert butterscotch nests with personalized eggs


Melt in a large saucepan

12 oz butterscotch chips

Add and stir until blended

1 C peanut butter

Fold in

10 – 12 oz. chow mein noodles

Drop by large spoonfuls onto wax paper, shape into nests. Using a food marker pen, write names on

large candy-coated malted eggs

Place in nest with a few jellybeans.  Yields 15 small nests.

Sunny daffodils brighten the garden
Easter Miracle Eggs


This sweet little activity teaches small children about the miracle of Easter. A basket is filled with colored plastic Easter eggs containing scripture verses and objects that represent Christ’s experience.

You will need

12 medium to large plastic Easter eggs that open and the objects below.

With a fine point permanent marker write the numbers 1 – 12 on the ends of the plastic eggs. Copy and cut apart the scriptures of the Easter story and place in the numbered eggs with the following:

1. A small cup or wooden thimble (from craft store)

2. Three dimes

3. A 4″ piece of twine

4. A small piece of soap

5. A small robe cut from red felt

6. A small wooden cross or brown card stock cross

7. Two dice

8. A small square of white fabric torn almost in half

9. A square of white fabric

10. A small stone

11. A few cloves, a piece of cinnamon stick, bay leaf

12. Nothing – this represents the empty tomb

Have the children open the eggs in order to read the Easter story.

The Earth laughs in flowers!
A French flower basket is a beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece that is easy to make.

French Flower Baskets

This is a lovely, long-lasting arrangement of living flowers and plants in a basket or container. You can buy the flowers at a nursery or home improvement store; it can be an inexpensive centerpiece if you use a container you already own, and transplant the flowers to the garden afterwards.

You will need

  •  A basket or waterproof container
  • Heavy plastic to line the basket
  • Potted living flowers and/or plants
  • Potting soil
  • Moss, excelsior or dry filler
  • Ribbon, decorative figures or other items, if desired

Line the basket with the heavy plastic, cut away excess. Place a few inches of potting soil in the bottom of the basket.  Tip the flowers to the side and remove carefully from their pots. Set the entire plant on top of the soil in the basket intact, taking care not to disturb the root balls or break the stems. Repeat with remaining plants. Fill any gaps with additional potting soil and water well. Tuck moss or other filler around base of plants to hide the soil.  If desired, add items, such as small clay pots, willow twigs or figures to complement the theme. Water carefully, mist occasionally, keep out of direct sunlight.

A tea to welcome the return of spring


I love this book!

The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes by DuBose Heyward

A sweet mother rabbit wants to be an Easter Bunny. She can do it with her family’s cooperation, but needs a little more help to take a special treat to a  child in need.

Image result for max's chocolate chicken

Max’s Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells

Ruby teaches Max the intricate finesse of Easter egg hunting.

Bunny Money by Rosemary Wells

Ruby and Max shop for a present for Grandma.

Image result for the tale of peter rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

The classic adventure of a mischievous Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

Your local book store and online book sellers have lots of beautifully illustrated sacred and secular Easter books.

Image result for peter rabbit and mom

Look at these cute ideas I found on Pinterest


Make these adorable cookie pops with your favorite sugar cookie recipe, and get the whole family involved to decorate them with Jelly Belly jelly beans and confections. Click through for the simple instructions! Credit: whatsnewcupcake (Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, authors of Hello, Cupcake!)
Der Goldhase Animal Print von Lindt & Sprüngli wird Ostern in diesen hübsch bepflanzten Gläsern verschenkt und bringt so ein bisschen Frühling und leckerste Schokolade zu den Liebsten nach Haus!
Beatrix Potter Cupcakes
Chocolate Bunny Edible Craft & Free Printable #Easter Tags by LivingLocurto.com