Happy Easter!

On this Thursday evening, I am thinking about the Last Supper, Christ’s agony in Gethsemane, the trials and the final walk to Golgotha on Friday. I am so very grateful for the atonement; that God would offer to spare his loved ones from the demands of justice, gifting us instead with the gentler law of mercy. I’m impressed that we […]

In Italy with Andrew, Annie and Ender

Andrew; how I miss my son. Andrew, the perpetually happy boy who continually taught me lessons about forgiving and sharing.   The one person who could get his little brother Tim to do about anything during his petulant phases. Andrew, all grown up now and serving his country in the army. After 3 year-long deployments to wars in Iraq and […]

St. Patrick and the Emerald Isle

My sister recently ordered a DNA test and the results came back that our predominant genetic/cultural matches were Ireland and Scotland. I was excited, even though we always thought we were more British Isles (this, however explains my obsession with all things plaid.) We visited Ireland for the first time in October of 2017. Although I’veĀ  posted about our trip […]