Inside Edinburgh Castle; discovering Scotland’s past

Inside Edinburgh castle are well-designed exhibits showing the history of the monarchy and nation. The coronation of Robert the Bruce in 1306 and  a timeline showing the kings of the Scots and national military history are prominently displayed.

A timeline chronicling Scotland’s kings from ancient times.

Bagpipers provided passion and inspiration for the warriors preparing for battle.

Warriors did not always wear kilts, sometimes plaid slacks.

A flag from 1800




I could not get enough plaid.

The Honours of Scotland

As evening falls, the castle is awash in red spotlights causing an eerie glow. And we are off in search of haggis. A pub just off the Royal Mile had authentic Scottish haggis served with neeps and tatties. I had decided to forgo this local dish but it was served so beautifully, I gave in and tried it. Cooked in a baking dish like a small souffle and topped in mashes potatoes, I was pleasantly surprised.