Macy’s Candy Windows

Merry Christmas Salt Lake City! For our gift to the community, my family, friends and I created one of the iconic candy windows for Macy’s City Creek to share the joy and magic of the Christmas season.

The ornament, Selfie, is covered with about 120 pounds of candy and features a family of snowmen in the beautiful snowy landscapes of Utah (and Colorado); one is taking a selfie under the Delicate Arch.  There’s also a village of gingerbread houses beneath a smiling Man in the Moon. I think this depicts Christmas in Utah and the West. Because 2016 also marks Sinclair Oil’s 100th anniversay and they co-sponsored the windows, the little snowboy is making a snow dinosaur and the ornament is crowned with a birthday cake with candles. 

When I went to attach the Santa I couldn’t bear to cover the face of the moon, so you’ll just have to imagine that he’s on his way

The candy windows will be on display at the Salt Lake City Macy’s at City Creek on Main Street through New Year’s Day. The unveiling will be November 17th at 6:00 with festivities beginning at 4 p.m. and Santa arriving at 7. The Davis High Marching Band who will be performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York in 2017 will join us. I hope you’ll stop by and enjoy this holiday tradition! 


My neighbors

Rachel and Rebekah 

 I’d like to thank my friends Jodi Huddleston for traveling to Utah from Colorado to work on the project and Wendy Bohman who spent hours gluing on the blue Sixlet sky. Special thanks to husband Newell for painstakingly attaching thousands of mini marshmallows to the lower half of the sphere and Tim for creating the beautiful Delicate Arch. 2 thumbs up to Chad Young and the crew at Macy’s for all of their help and support.

Here’s our ornament from 2013, just before Tim left to serve an LDS mission in Alabama. 


Merry Christmas to all!