Two Little Mermaids Go Back to School

If you grew up in Coralsbed, love mermaids or the ocean, stop by to download your copy of  A Mermades’ Tale. Shell and Pearl are 2 little mermaids who live just the other side of the tide line in a little village called Coralsbed. In their cozy sandcastles with their families, they learn the lessons of life, about school, making friends and even how to unmake anemone. 

Each chapter has an activity, puzzle, poem or recipe to your littles to enjoy. 

If you loved their story published here last year serially, you can now pick it up in one edition for your Kindle or phone. It makes a great bedtime story that you can read without turning on the lights! 


P.S. If you would like to review A Mermades’ Tale on Amazon, let me know and I will send you a complimentary copy. 

Back-to-School Tips

It’s that time again:

And 2 of the most important things your child will need for school:

Heaven forbid that your children will ever face the horrors of  school violence, but I remember reading that during the Columbine High School massacre at least one potential victim was spared because she had been kind to the shooters. Kindness works on many levels.

Don’t hate me but I just finished my Christmas shopping.

The history of four Christmas food traditions:

You may not want to hear this, but girls and guys, I just finished my Christmas shopping. Don’t be a hater, I will share my secrets for getting 50 – 90% off Christmas presents for the 30+ people we exchange gifts with every year.

1. Watch for sales at your favorite retailers. I live near a DownEast Outlet that has a tent sale every July. They have deep discounts on Pottery Barn, Mark and Graham and other quality lines. A pair of $150 pajamas cost me $6 plus an hour with a seam ripper to remove the unwanted monogram or to sew a piece of ribbon over the initials on the cuff. I picked up a a red plaid (my addiction) wool weekend bag for $10 and a set of Pottery Barn luggage for 90% off – one piece even had my initials. Leather accessories are priced at up to 95% off. Many have monograms that can be altered or removed – sometimes I get lucky and find something for a loved one with their initial. Good quality scarves and travel blankets were $2 and $3 dollars and Pottery Barn velvet Santa bags were about the price of paper gift bags. Call your local DownEast, there may be more sales coming soon.

2. Target toy sale. Target is getting ready for Christmas merch and is marking toys and games way down. I picked up Monster High and Barbie items for 50% off. Disney clay animation movie-making kits were about 70% off. Baby toys, art supplies and games are on clearance too; many at 75% off.

3. Barnes and Noble clearance sale. B&N not only marks down all kinds of fascinating books, but toys and readers are also on sale. The clearance begins at 50% off, but if you can hold out, after about 3 weeks goes to 75%, then $2 an item. We will be well-read this Christmas.

The only problem I am still having is that Christmas paper is not yet in stores. Fortunately I had a few rolls put away and was able to find some $1 red and white striped and polka dot rolls at Michael’s. Make sure you grab a few rolls after Christmas for next year if you want the jump on wrapping before the busy holiday season. I am so excited that I am wrapping all of the treasures and stashing them so I can enjoy a peaceful and creative holiday season without the mad rush to shop in December. I’ll have time to bake and visit family and friends and focus on the real meaning of Christmas – the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Down time? probably not. I’m waiting to hear from a publisher about my manuscripts they are considering and I might just do another holiday candy window for City Creek Macy’s in downtown Salt Lake City. I’ll let you know. 

100 pounds of candy! (Francisco Kjolseth  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  For the second year, Macy's unveils the holiday candy windows at Macy's City Creek on Thursday, Nov. 21,  2013, including the ornament called Merry! by Pam Layton McMurtry and her son Tim. The windows which kick off the holiday season, are made entirely out of candy and reflect Salt Lake City and the luster of the holiday season. Six local artists were chosen to design the windows.