Happy Birthday America!

I love this land of the free and the brave. After years of enduring a sluggish economy, government leadership I often question and watching our culture slip farther and farther from its moral moorings, I have once again found a reason to celebrate being American.

I have been contemplating human rights as I’ve worked on one of my holiday books and have come to the conclusion that the Old Testament and the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights are the greatest documents promoting Human Rights that were ever written. Between the laws of ancient Israel, the Ten Commandments and our code of law, we have been granted freedom and protections unknown through much of the history of the world. And even though our laws and hearts have had to be updated from time to time, we are still a beacon to the world.

So thank you Heavenly Father, Founding Fathers, our parents, soldiers and lawmakers for giving us the opportunities for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Congratulations Kaysville Rotary Club for another great 5K race to raise money for humanitarian youth projects! 

We talked to Andrew and Annie from their 3-year assignment at their new duty station. It seems the 4th of July is not as big a deal  in Europe. No fireworks, races, parades or barbecues for them this year. Thanks for foregoing the celebration to keep the flames of freedom burning bright for the rest of us. God Bless America.