Healthy snacks for your summer road trip and staycations

When you are ready to hit the road, take along healthier snacks and diversions for more summer fun! This is an article I wrote for FamilyShare: Come away, come away, come away with me! As summer breezes begin to blow, the temptation to embark on an adventure becomes almost irresistible (do you remember the Wind in the Willows?) Here […]

Old-fashioned Ideas for Summer Fun

Here are ideas for summer play from an article I wrote for FamilyShare: Old-fashioned ideas for summer fun Summer is a great time to enjoy creative play with your children and grandchildren. Here’s a big jar full of creative activities to help you enjoy your busy and happy little ones this summer. FACEBOOKTWITTEREMAILPINTEREST MORE Pamela Layton McMurtry 2533 views    […]

Homegrown Summer Fun

As you and your littles hit the beach, hit the road or enjoy a staycation, here a few favorite blast-from-the-past summer blogs to jumpstart your creativity – happy summer everyone! I love the ocean. I believe that the beach is one of the places Mother Nature is at her finest.I spent my growing up years at, near or in the […]