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This is my recently published intellectual property. While trying to determine why nurturing the body and soul are important themes in my work, I heard an Arbinger Institute speaker describe a pyramid of influence in professional and personal relationships. The foundation of each included strengthening relationships before launching corrective measures; which in my mind means nurturing and building by nourishing and delighting the senses. My work has a two-fold mission; we can also promote tolerance and respect by encouraging cultural diversity and awareness and one of the most pleasant times to do this is at holidays.

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      17 March 2016

 These 2 simple things help ensure your relationship will last – 23 Feb 2016

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  • Brighten winter mornings — and your family’s mood — with a tasty blueberry smoothie – 2Jan 2016
Deseret News Web
  • Shortbread cookies are delectable treat; presentation is key to great gifts – 22 Dec 2015
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  • The History of Four Christmas Food Traditions – 22 Dec 2015

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  • 5 ideas for creative, economical homemade Christmas gifts – 15 Dec 2015

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  • Spice up your holiday gift-giving with Krisp Kringle – 08 Dec 2015
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  • Using fall flavors of caramel, apples and cranberry – 03 Nov 2015

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  • Upcycle Halloween candy into mouth-watering desserts – 27 Oct 2015
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  • Felice Halloween: Handmade pizza and Italian treats for your Halloween festivities – 20 Oct 2015

Deseret News Web, DNS (English channel www), DNS (Spanish Channel),NewsOK (syndication),The Signal (Spanish Channel), DNS (Portuguese Channel,  IVPress online, Herald Times online, TMnews (Indiana), World News EIN, Our Town, Newsfeed Daily

  • Ideas for a delightful late-summer picnic – 25 Aug 2015
Deseret News Web, (United Kingdom)
  • Butterscotch nests with personalized eggs are delightful Easter treats – 31 Mar 2015

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  • Festive foods for St. Patrick’s Day – 10 Mar 2015 

Deseret News, NewsOK (syndication), Bloomington Herald Times Online, Reporter Times, Bedford Times-Mail, Hagerstown Herald Mail Media, Petoskey News, Aberdeen News, Our Town Johnstown, SCV Signal, Coastal Courier, Statesboro Herald, Bryan County News, Deseret News Service (syndication)

  • A Greek-style pizza pie for Pi Day – 10 Mar 2015
Deseret News, NewsOK (syndication), Bloomington Herald Times Online, Reporter Times,  Bedford Times-Mail, Aberdeen News, Herald Mail Media, SCV Signal, IV Press online, Statesboro Herald, Coastal Courier
  • A dish to help celebrate Chinese New Year – 17 Feb 2015 

Deseret News, NewsOK (syndication), Bedford Times-Mail, Coastal Courier, Bryan County News, Statesboro Herald, Daily American

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