The Luck o’ the Irish

I am particularly thankful for the verdant green that accompanies St. Patrick’s Day as winter drones on. 

Although the legends of leprechauns and mischief abound, the truth is that the Irish once saved civilization. When he established the Christian church in Ireland, St. Patrick probably did not guess that the monks who so carefully and laboriously hand- lettered the illuminated Holy Bible would also preserve the history of civilization. These faithful monks recreated the scrolls and codex records of mankind and were all that remained when invading hordes destroyed the originals. Read more in Thomas Cahill’s How the Irish Saved Civilization.

Another fascinating tradition from the Irish is that of Tara, the burial place of the High Kings and Queens of the Emerald Isle. Legends say that a beautiful Israeli Princess named Tamar Tephi was brought to Ireland by her grandfather (or great-grandfather) the Prophet Jeremiah as Israel was about to fall to the Babylonians. Her sister married into the royal house of Spain and Tamar married High King Eochoaidh who was a descendant of Ephraim. It is said the Jeremiah and Tamar brought sacred Israeli artifacts to Ireland, including the stone pillow upon which Jacob rested at Bethel. These artifacts were said to be interred with the deceased royalty at Tara.
Except for the “Stone of Scone” also called the “Stone of Destiny” which is now in the castle at Edinburg after centuries of placement in the coronation throne of Britain.

Here’s a tip to keep your little people out of mischief; give each a handful of shamrock stickers a few days before St. Patrick’s Day. Tell them the leprechauns need a little help and that they can do secret good deeds for each other and leave a shamrock to mark the spot. On St. Patrick’s Day have them collect all of the shamocks and put them on the table around the  table centerpiece to celebrate the kindness. 

In the next post I will share the recipe for our favorite baked mustard-glazed corned beef.

Make sure to tune in to Kim Power Stilson’s BYU SiriusXM Radio 143 for a wee bit ‘o blarney and Irish fun  – I’ll post the date soon. 

Here’s a story about St. Patrick – did you know his color was blue?