The Luck o’ the Irish

I am particularly thankful for the verdant green that accompanies St. Patrick’s Day as winter drones on.  Although the legends of leprechauns and mischief abound, the truth is that the Irish once saved civilization. When he established the Christian church in Ireland, St. Patrick probably did not guess that the monks who so carefully and laboriously hand- lettered the illuminated […]


    Rilke wrote in his Letters to a Young Poet,  “…only love can touch and hold them and be fair to them…” Mothers, and fathers may wonder if our efforts to provide meaning and enrichment to our children has value or merit. The hours and the resources we spend to give them experiences that demonstrate our love, is it […]

How to “do” LOVE

Baby, its still cold outside, but our Valentine’s Day show will warm your heart! Tune in Friday, February 12th at 3 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Mountain to the Kim Power Stilson show on BYU SiriusXM Radio 143 to hear ways to make your relationships last and a few hot Valentine’s Day tips. See you then! Listen online at you to my […]