Oh So Merry Christmas!

I cannot wait for Christmas to begin. 

This year our LDS missionary returns from 2 years of service to God and church. We will have a houseful of happy greeters to meet him and enjoy his presence in a Christmas celebration that will last 10 days. 

This gingerbread house represents the start of the Christmas season at McMurtry Manor. Everyone who shares the joy with us will receive a Stewart tartan throw as a gift; we are so excited! I will share more as the season progresses. 

The 1st 2015 McMurtry Gingerbread House

One of our traditions is decorating gingerbread houses and watching a Christmas movie. Tim and Heather have both requested a gingerbread house decorating event so we will have another to share and piles of sugar cookies decorated with lemon frosting – YUM. 

Here is our 1st Merry Christmas greeting to you!