Happy Green Halloween

   Halloween heralds the dawn of the holiday season. It seems once fall arrives, time races and before you can catch your breath Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are knocking at the door right behind the trick-or-treaters. 

   As much fun as holiday observances are, they can place a burden on your time and resources so I am offering a few green tips for saving money, the planet and your sanity during this busy and wonderful time of year. 

     If you missed our BYU SiriusXM Radio 143 discussion on Wednesday, here’s the transcript, I’m on the second half. http://www.byuradio.org/episode/c1992fa5-d52c-4c32-af2c-b9b2abf0e1b1/the-kim-power-stilson-show-angels-around-us-halloween-help

   Halloween costumes and activities don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, check these tips for having fun while saving $$$ 


   $ Tip: A Harvest and Halloween Handbook shows ways to create costumes from items you already have and for incorporating reusable clothing into costumes as well as other money-saving and artistic ideas for autumn holidays. 

   Trade old costumes with family and friends. Make simple costumes great or upcycle last year’s by adding an amazing accessory like a sword or jewelry. 

   $ Tip: Wet ‘N Wild nail polish at Walmart is $.97 a bottle – it has great colors and coverage. Buy patterns on sale weekends at fabric stores or with coupons, check their websites.

   Minions are big this year, dress yours in long-sleeved yellow t-shirts and thrift store denim overalls with canning jar ring glasses.  


   $ Tip: create a scene using items you already own repurposed in unusual ways. 

   Check your favorite thrift store for art and Halloween decor and scout the great outdoors for branches and autumn leaves. Hang your children’s art projects to create a gallery and memories. Tuck branches in a pot or urn and display photos of your family’s past Halloween costumes and activities. 


   One of our favorite decorations was crafted from a $3 thrift store dollhouse, a few bottles of acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, buttons and ribbon scraps. 

  The furniture was made from candy bar wrappers and the house was peopled with my girls’ outgrown dolls.  

   Recycled garlands from Halloween and Christmas can be wired into a wreath and decorated with old and new ribbon. Watch for Halloween and fall decorations at your favorite home decor store after the holiday. Around Christmas you can buy Halloween decorations and supplies at up to 90% off.

   $ Tip: after Halloween buy chocolate bars on sale for your Christmas baking (and raid trick-or-treat bags if deemed appropriate). Also pork prices are lower in the fall. If you eat meat, plan meals with shredded pork like taco stacks, stuffed potatoes, soups or pulled pork sandwiches.) 

   Create a semi-healthy punch with equal parts white grape juice and ginger ale, add a could of drops of green food coloring. The directions for creating your glow-in-the-dark punch bowl are in A Harvest and Halloween Handbook. 

   Green tip: If you are using disposable cups and plates to serve your party food, I recommend Chinet or other heavy compressed paper plates and Solo or other paper hot drink cups. Try to avoid styrofoam. 

   Try these Halloween favorites: 

Pumpkin Pie Cake

A picnic with rustic turkey sandwiches, crudites and 
monster chocolate chip cookies

Homemade popcorn balls

*And don’t forget to do something nice for someone: 
a gift of food for a neighbor, soldier, missionary. 
Give quality time, help a struggling family or parent or 
shelter with costumes or warm clothes.* 

Have fun, eat well and save money and time with these tips, recipes and dozens more great Halloween ideas and party plans in 

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