OOOOooooh Spicy Cheese Fondue, Brownie Cheesescake Trifle and Pumpkin Pie Cake for Halloween!

Thank you to Leslie Mann for allowing me to contribute to her  article in the Chicago Tribune and affiliates:Strategies to attract or deter trick-or-treaters Thanks for featuring  Show your creativity with Halloween costumes made at home In case you missed our chat about Halloween fun on the Kim Power Stilson show on October 29th on BYU SiriusXM Radio […]

It’s almost time

You are cordially invited to join Kim Power Stilson and me for a Halloween broadcast this Wednesday, October 29th at 3:00 p.m. Eastern on BYU SiriusXM Radio 143. Or listen here:   It’s not too late to download your own copy of  A Harvest and Halloween Handbook

Halloween 2014 Trend Roundup

  It’s here again and even though Halloween is an old (I mean really old) holiday, the stylistas are giving fresh advice for 2014.  Thank you to my BFF’s S-I-Ls Rhonda and Sandy, owners of the L.A. costume shop that is popular with film studios,   Etoile for this costume outlook: For girls: Frozen princesses For boys: Teenage Mutant Ninja […]

Happy Halloween!

Share the fun of fall with a Halloween party or carnival for your little ones. It doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, you can even make the games. Here are a few favorites from  A Harvest and Halloween Handbook    Host a fun-not scary carnival or party Create an engaging entry and lots of games Gather a few containers […]