Prairie Princesses and Pioneers

I’m working on a 

Prairie Princess Pioneer Heritage 
party for the ladies at church. 
Many of our ancestors trekked to Utah on foot from Illinois after being forced from their homes and farms by lawless mobs. 
They packed up all of their belongings, their families and provisions and the hiked over a 1,000 miles to the middle of nowhere to build new lives, new homes; finding some joy and beauty in the journey. We will celebrate their lives and the vision of these great pioneers who brought civility and culture to the wilderness, making it “blossom as a rose.” 

One of the pioneers was my ancestor. Chauncey Griswold Webb owned a blacksmith shop in Ohio, then moved with the Latter-day Saints to Nauvoo, Illinois. The shop still stands in Nauvoo and we visited there a few years ago. 

He built the covered wagon that Brigham Young used to journey west and accompanied him into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. Chauncey was related to William Shakespeare. You never know who you’ll run into in the Wild West. 

Happy Trails!