June 24th at 1:30 p.m.

Save the Date… 

 Wednesday, June 24th at 1:30 p.m.

Please join host 
Kim Power Stilson 
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RED, WHITE and BLUE show

on Sirius XM BYU Radio 143
as we discuss the power of patriotism and 
fun ideas for your family’s Fourth.

June 24, the broadcast begins at 1, 
I’ll be on around 1:30
Be sure to tune in!

(Maybe I’ll make some cinnamon popcorn.)

Traveling Time

If you are in Salt Lake City, Utah before July 6th, I’d like to invite you to visit the Marriott Library at the University of Utah. On the fourth floor, near the Book Arts Lab, there is a wonderful exhibit of artist books that includes my Traveling Time.

Bon Appetit and Bon Voyage!

Come away, come away, come away with me! 
As summer breezes begin to blow, the temptation to embark on an adventure becomes irresistible (do you remember the Wind in the Willows?) Here is a menu to fuel the energy of your wanderlust and set you on a course for a wunderbar journey. (Approved by my Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetic Educator husband.) 

Healthy and happy foods make for good traveling companions. If you eat mostly healthy food, you’ll feel better and will probably consume fewer calories than if you eat a lot of junk food.
The cold things should be in a cooler and the rest can be packed in a cute container with compartments or in a basket that’s easy to get to. A friend always packs her veggies in mason jars with ice water.

Tip: My sister-in-law makes her husband stop once a day for a sit-down meal on long trips.

Here are some of our favorites:

Water and fruit-infused water in bottles (lemon, strawberry, cucumber)
Vernor’s ginger ale for motion sickness
Caffeinated soda for drowsiness, can be diluted half and half with water so it’s not so sweet, or the diet variety

Fruit juices and nectars and V8

Mixed nuts
String cheese

Whole grain crackers
Trail Mix: I don’t like raisins and sticky foods in the car, but we do have a great trail mix made with mixed nuts, M&Ms, whole grain cereal and candy corn (I know but I’m addicted).
Beef jerky

Fresh fruits: grapes, apples, melon and bananas for less-messy eaters (plus baby wipes)
Fresh veggies: carrots, jicama, cucumber, grape tomatoes, celery, broccoli, peppers

Sandwiches, wraps and pinwheels (tortilla rolls with cream cheese, meat, tomato slices and lettuce)
Whole grain bagels and cream cheese

Long trips: A loaf of whole wheat bread and a jar of peanut butter
Yogurt in tubes

Bar cookies are usually thicker and more stable than round ones

Homemade granola bars

My boys liked to take a Frisbee or football in the car to play with at rest stops. 

Bon appetit and bon voyage!

Preparedness and Living Happily Ever After

What would you do if you couldn’t get to market? Stay home? Have roast beef? Or have none? Cry wee, wee, wee? 
No, you don’t have to affected by the winds of disaster, whether economic or natural. Here is a guide to the amounts you might need of a little somethin’ somethin’ to feed your family just in case. 

Here are links for more ideas for preparedness, camping and family reunion ideas, enjoy! 

Everything Under the Sun by Wendy Dewitt gives tons of valuable advice for emergency prep – thanks for sharing Wendy!

Happy Mother’s Day Tribute

A Tribute to Mother
“Mother I love you so,” said the child.
“I love you more than I know.”
She laid her head on her mother’s arm
And the love between them kept them warm.”
Margaret Florence Smith
Happy Mother’s Day to
Sister and
 precious women
Who give life,
and give joy.
Who bled
and fed
and hid Easter eggs,
and wrapped gifts
and dyed Halloween costumes.
Who took me to the zoo
and Disneyland,
and grew pumpkins,
and taught me to play chess
and feed my babies.
Who taught me to write thank you notes
And have good manners
and remember birthdays
and ancestors
(and love them).
And gave me crayons
and dolls
and retainers
and fishnet nylons
and a radio to take to the beach.
Who took me to visit my grandparents
and on road trips
and swimming
and had a barbecue.
Who taught me to pray
and love
and find joy
and set a beautiful table.
And to watch out for little ones,
and spell correctly,
 and feed stray kittens,
and read books.
And to try,
and fail,
and try again.
Who found our great grandfathers were kings
and great grandmothers were queens.  
Who took pictures,
and listened as I learned to read,
and filled a piñata.
And eat Thanksgiving at the beach like Pilgrims,
and go on bike rides,
and read Luke on Christmas Eve,
and sing carols,
and find treats in my stocking.
To share with those in need,
and love art and beauty,
and wear bows in my hair
and shoes that fit,
and remember God and go to church.
Who sewed clothes,
and prayed for soldiers,
and firemen,
and missionaries,
and me. 
Who baked cakes
and arranged flowers,
and made 20,000 meals,
and made me brush my teeth.
And bought sugar sticks,
and made drawings,
and bread,
and Beef Stroganoff.
And soothed wounded hearts,
and took us to movies,
and to the woods,
and the sea.
And played
and prayed
and gave time and love and life.
Thank you.

175,200 Hours: Happy Mother’s Day

175,200 is the number of hours parents are on duty 
for the first 20 years of a child’s life. 

They are responsible for 21,900 meals 

and 52,000 pieces of clean clothing and accoutrements, 
plus 6,378.5 diapers. 

A parent will offer 51,100 prayers for a child, 

send them to 2,340 days of K-12 education 

and spend approximately 
$241,080.00 to rear each child. 

Here are 552,927 reasons to call home on Mother’s Day.