Take a (Treat) Walk! More Halloween Fun and Games

This used to be called a carnival Cake Walk, but on Halloween what child needs an entire cake? I modified a sweet concept with one-serving-size treats like cupcakes, popcorn balls, caramel apples, tarts, crispy rice treats, trick-or-treat candy, cookies and wrapped fudge. This was  my all-time favorite game at the Buena Vista School Halloween carnival and I hope the child in each of you has a chance to walk the Treat Walk

Set up the game as shown in the illustration with pictures taped to  the floor. Play music for a few seconds; when it stops roll a die or pick a card with an icon on it, whoever is standing on that picture wins and gets to pick a treat! This is a great game for kids of all ages.

For complete instructions for creating a Treat Walk, please see:
A Harvest and Halloween Handbook
For a really special treat, join me for the BYU Sirius Radio 143 TalkWorthy program on Halloween with host Kim Power Stilson 
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