Splish Splash; 8 Days Until Halloween!

This is one of the most popular activities for a Halloween carnival or party; set up a fishing booth and let the fun begin! 

You can use candy for the “fish” but small toys are more fun.
My favorite “bling”  for little girls are the Wilton wedding ring favors – buy a dozen decently built rings for just a few dollars at your craft or fabric store and they often have coupons. Also, little bags of Halloween toys from Target, or see if anyone has a stash of kid-meal toys to share.
Here’s a coloring page to keep your little fishermen busy
 while you prepare the fishing booth.  Growing up on the beach in Southern California, as much as I loved the beach, I was sure I had a little mermaid in me (I really like pearls.) Maybe I’ll do an Under the Sea Halloween party some day.
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