Pumpkin Mania!

 Pumpkin Time
For the next few days I will be featuring all things pumpkin, Pumpkin.
Pumpkins are the #1 best selling Halloween icon. You can find all sorts of pumpkin-themed products, even pumpkin spice cocoa.

Deseret News is scheduled to run my Pumpkin Pie Cake recipe in their food section next Wednesday, October 16th…
(if you can’t wait, type pumpkin pie cake into this blog’s search window at the top left.)

You’ll want to download your copy of 
A Harvest and Halloween Handbook 
for the recipe for delicious Pumpkin Purses shown above.
Check back tomorrow for the  Kettley’s Million Dollar Salad recipe with a strategic change for Halloween, see you then.
A treat for you on October 31st:
Tune in to BYU Sirius Radio 143 at 3 p.m. Eastern 
for a special chat about Halloween