Penny-pinching Halloween Tricks and Treats

Getting ready for Halloween doesn’t have to be tricky. Bits and scraps combined creatively can yield fun little treats, like this serving bowl.  I picked it up for a dollar and decorated it with rick rack and black cats cut out of felt.

These craft store cat wood cut-outs were painted with black chalkboard paint and colorful acrylics. The guests names are printed with colored chalk.

 These silly old cats were made of a recycled pair of my husband’s old black pants, some stuffing, a few buttons and scraps of fabric. 
They serve double duty as decorations and as targets for the black cat knock-off game.

You’ll find complete instruction for these and other 
money-saving projects like the rag garland (below) in 
A Harvest and Halloween Handbook
eBook available from Barnes and and

For more Halloween treats, 
please join Kim Power Stilson and me on the 
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October 31st at 3 p.m. Eastern.

Thank you to the UK publication, The Guardian, for including my comment about about replacing witches with Mother Goose for young children at Halloween!