Favorite Popcorn Balls

 My nieces Amanda Panda and Ems inspired today’s post when they requested this recipe. These buttery popcorn balls are dressed like little pumpkins so they fit it this week’s theme. For all you old-school popcorn ball fans these are the classic. The recipe is courtesy of Jolley Time Popcorn, and be sure to share. So enjoy; I’ve never eaten a better one.

Popcorn Balls

This has been a family favorite for decades. Wrap in yellow cellophane, tie with raffia and decorate with faces made of black tape.


1 C Jolly Time Popcorn 

       Remove  unpopped kernels. Transfer popped corn to a large      
       greased baking pan or mixing bowl and set aside. Combine in 
       large heavy saucepan

2 C sugar
2/3 C light corn syrup

2/3 C water

1/2 C butter 
1 tsp salt

Cook stirring constantly to soft – firm ball stage 240- 245 degrees, you can test the syrup by dropping a small 
amount in cold water, it should be barely soft and slightly firm. Remove from heat and add 

2 tsp vanilla extract

Food coloring, if desired

With buttered hands, form warm mixture into balls, place on waxed paper to cool. Wrap in cellophane or plastic wrap. Keeps up to 2 weeks. Makes 15 generous popcorn balls. You might want to make simple tie on tags made with rubber-stamped cardstock . *Jolly Time sells popcorn ball molds for those of us who don’t like butter between our fingers and hot sticky hands!

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Halloween art courtesy of Laurel ChaddockPhillips
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