All the World’s A Stage on Halloween: Last-minute Creative Costumes

 Halloween is a time for whimsy and fun. Get in the spirit by creating costumes for cavorting, who doesn’t like showing off their best work, i.e. their children?
Costumes don’t have to cost a fortune to be clever or cute
No-cost costumes made with items in the closet 
and passed along from friends

 Low cost costumes
 Costumes with re-useable parts 
(and capes, kids love capes.)
 Simple costumes using no pattern
Recycled costumes (that Lois and Clark…all business)
Favorite characters

If you have red hair you need to be BRAVE! 

Stuff from the attic and a bag; the bag makes the outfit.
Shakespeare said it well, “all the world’s a stage” on Halloween.
Cousin Will would be so proud. 

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