Fun and Games; Mini Donut Munch

Here’s a throwback Halloween party classic. 
Making donuts for autumn celebrations was a staple activity in many households and this is popular game for children using homemade or bakery donuts. Set up a sturdy frame such as a board secured between two chairs or ladders. Hang donuts for children to try to eat without using their hands. I used dental floss because it has a built-in cutter and new donuts can be tied up quickly during a carnival, but any clean, new string would work. 
You can have the children race or just see if they can eat a donut without touching it. Don’t forget the napkins! Here’s a coloring pages for your little munchkins:

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Here’s a radio program for you to listen to while you are getting ready for your own happy Halloween on Sirius BYU Radio 143; the Talkworthy program with Kim Power Stilson on October 31 at 3 p.m. Eastern.