Embracing the Odd and Unusual; Halloween Performance Art?

Celebrating Halloween means embracing the odd and unusual; especially if that person is your child. As an adult student studying art at a university, I’ve recently been introduced to performance art. It is imaginative, quirky and steeped in psychological mystery, hmmm, I could be describing a teenager.

(And from a teen’s perspective)…Just when you think you know someone, they pull this. You’re enjoying a Halloween party, trying to look cool, when the host announces a Zarfnax relay. There’s no way to sneak out, you’re stuck. You line up with your team, wait for the signal, then race the opposing player to the end of the basketball court where you dig through a pile of the strangest clothes you’ve ever encountered, layer on a few odd selections, race back and have your picture taken by someone who will undoubtedly use it to blackmail when you run for office someday. Such is the nature of the dreaded Zarfnax relay. Being a teenager just got tougher.
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