A Splash of Color: an Autumn Quilt – 54 Days

A quilt is functional art – no wonder quilting is so popular. 
Sewing a quilt is like making a great collage; you create a stunning assemblage with your favorite patterns and colors. Quilts are  the quintessential symbol of comfort and love. Both my best friend’s and my soldier sons requested their moms make them quilts when they returned from their deployment to the war in Iraq.
Quilt = Hug
This simple quilt is composed of (finished) 12 inch squares and features a variety of autumn colors. The quilting templates were 5 leaves: I laid them on a brown paper bag, cut them out, then arranged the templates on the quilt and stitched around each leaf with ecru embroidery floss, adding another dimension of pattern. 
The harvest quilt graces my bed through Thanksgiving, decorating my room with a splash of color and sweet harvest cheer. 
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