A Mother Goose Nursery Halloween Party

Invite your little friends for a Mother Goose Halloween party. With games, stories and a yummy pre-packed lunch, you can enjoy the energy and wonder of pre-schoolers and treat them to a Halloween party filled with happiness, creativity and cheer.
This party is green too! 
Save your baby food jars to make bumblebee pudding cups and mustard jars for hunny pots of apple juice. 

Go on a treasure hunt to a fairy house filled with treats!

Complete plans for a Mother Goose Nursery party and a 
32 page Halloween coloring book are included in:

Join five little pumpkins sitting on a gate, Kim Power Stilson and me for a Halloween interview on BYU Sirius RadioXM 143 on October 31 at 3 p.m. Eastern. We will be discussing all kinds of creepy (true) stories along with ideas for a happy child-friendly Halloween!

For some more Halloween (eye) candy visit my Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/pammcmurtry/halloween/