Bounce House Time!

If you are haven’t done so, now’s a good time to call a party rental company and reserve a bounce house for your Halloween carnival.  They’ll deliver it, set it up and pick it up when the party’s over. Bounce house etiquette:  no shoes no swords have fun! For more great games and party ideas, download your A Harvest and […]

A Family Fall Fest

There is snow on the hills behind my house; in September, that is truly frightening. Brrrr.  Here’s an idea for a weekend or Monday prior to Halloween, host a fall family and friend night. A couple of weeks before, invite family members, friends and guests to share personal stories or excerpts from their favorite literature or music about autumn, gratitude, […]

Embracing the Odd and Unusual; Halloween Performance Art?

  Celebrating Halloween means embracing the odd and unusual; especially if that person is your child. As an adult student studying art at a university, I’ve recently been introduced to performance art. It is imaginative, quirky and steeped in psychological mystery, hmmm, I could be describing a teenager. (And from a teen’s perspective)…Just when you think you know someone, they […]

A Halloween Party Activity: Make Gumball or Candy Necklaces

For more great party ideas get your A Harvest and Halloween Handbook eBook from and Barnes and today!    Don’t double your toil and trouble; listen to BYU Sirius Radio 143 on October 31st at 1 p.m. Mountain for an interview about the secret history of Halloween. Boo!

More Fun and Games

You can make an easy activity for your Halloween party or carnival by giving guests “specimens” to identify in the Mystery Candy Guessing Game Visit your garage, thrift shop or a friend or neighbor to gather items you’ll need for Pumpkin Golf  Halloween Hoops, Ghost and other fun and games use sports equipment you already own and can be found […]

Happy Sukkot!

The families of Israel gathered in autumn to give thanks for the harvest or ingathering and the blessings they enjoyed during their forty years in the wilderness. For this joyous festival called “The Feast of the Tabernacles” or “Sukkot”, they built temporary Sukkah, or booths and dined and lived outdoors to commemorate this great chapter in their history. Stories about […]

Fill Fall With Acts of Kindness

Good deeds don’t appear by magic, we have the privilege of creating them. While planning fall festivities, please consider treating relatives, friends or strangers to random acts of kindness. (Why wait ’til Christmas?) Did you know when you do a good deed, your brain releases a neurotransmitter that gives you a feeling of satisfaction?  It seems we are hard-wired to do […]

32 Free Coloring Pages to Download

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Sign up as a follower on this website and I will send you 32 FREE coloring pages to download and print.  1. Click the “Join This Site” button at the end of the blog and follow the directions.  2. Send me your email address via a message on my Facebook page and I will send you your free coloring pages.  […]