Taking food and comfort to people in need: an article for Meal Train

This is from Michael Laramee and meal Train. Rachel Nelson and I were taking a meal to one of our friends from church who was having medical problems.
Last year, a dear friend and woman in my church was dealing with end-stage cancer. She had elected to stop her chemotherapy and was dying. I took her comfort food; roast chicken, soups, fresh fruit and ginger ale to help settle her stomach (while in chemo) and fruit and vegetable juices afterwards. Then it hit me, she was a Japanese native, so I brought in sushi and Asian foods that may have been more familiar to her. She died shortly thereafter. But she was warm and knew I loved her.   The other "sisters" from my LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) ward brought in meals too. We mourned together when Kazuue left us.   Our women's organization is called the Relief Society. We are the largest women's organization in the world. Millions of "sisters" bring meals daily to new moms, the injured and recovering.    One last hint - because I enjoy cooking somewhat "fancy" meals, I sometimes bring macaroni and cheese for the children of the family. And always veggies and Ranch dip - almost every child will eat a vegetable dipped in Ranch. I keep disposable pans for these opportunities and take heavy paper plates so the family has few dishes to wash.  As told by Pamela Layton McMurtry