86 Days to Halloweeny!

The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes was one of my all-time favorite stories as a child. It is the tale of two ordinary little girls who banish the terrible head witch Nobby to a glass hill. If she remains there and learns to be good; they’ll let her leave for one night; Halloween. 
To keep her from becoming too lonely, the girls send a little blond witch named Hannah (who happens to look just like the two girls, Amy and Clarissa); and to keep little Hannah from getting too lonely, a baby witch with a tiny kitten arrives. Amy’s representative Malachi, an invisible bee, who spells (he’s a spelling bee), keeps an eye on Nobby and stings her if she gets out of line. 
A mermaid lagoon hidden in the crystal hill, witch school and a visit from Amy and Clarissa, fill Hannah’s days with adventure. But will Nobby get to come down off the hill for Halloween? The temptation of the Easter Bunny’s painting field filled with rabbits and eggs (her favorite foods) may prove too much. The Witch Family is a delightful story of redemption, the power of love and importance of friends. Even though I don’t usually do witches, this is one story I love. I found it recently on Amazon.comenjoy!