85; The Play’s Outside

Halloween seems to me to be one large theatrical production. Costumes, sets, imaginary creatures; the whole community’s involved – no wonder it’s so entertaining!
I have this ideas that it would be fun to have a cupboard dedicated to the art of costume. My little children had a box of dress-up clothes from their Aunt Allison. They spent hours dressing up and engaging in creative play. As summer winds down, it might be fun to pull out old costumes for your children or pick up a few new ones at your favorite thrift store and see what imaginative adventures unfold.
Teachers: As you prepare your room for the new school year, consider having a closet of wonders, or cupboard or drawer containing a simple prop or two to introduce the next book you will be reading aloud, or a math or science concept. Your class could try to guess what the items represents, It could be a fun way to develop deduction and reasoning and engage their imaginations.