78 Days – Summer Fun and Inviting Fairies

In the cutest book, Fairyopolis, artist Cicely Barker
describes a summer she spent in England trying to find fairies.
If you want to know how she well she succeeded, 
you’ll need to read her story, 
especially the last few days of summer.
In the meantime, if you want fairies at your Halloween party, 
you might build them a little party house, or pick up a doll house at a thrift store and fix it up for them. They love recycling and helping the less-fortunate. And they are very tidy according to Cicely.

Did you know fairies sleep in flower beds?

Fairies are like artists; they like to recycle 
and they don’t waste anything. 

They keep tidy little kitchens, I need a house fairy! 

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