Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Why are we, as a society, enthralled with old? It’s ironic that a culture devoted to youth-worship  and surrounded by technology so advanced it is understood by relatively few; medicines, communication devices, transportation, weapons; the list goes on and on; and yet we look back.

Perhaps the appeal comes from a simpler time when dads went to work and moms stayed home. Maybe it is because it was all right to pray in school and when we saluted the flag we were honoring the power of our freedom and those who gave their lives to defend it.
It is heartening to remember a time when our priorities made natural sense and our nation was grateful and prayerful. Can we return to a place of sanity? Is there joy to be found on the road ahead? I think so if we are careful, kind, generous and live the values that have stood the test of time: honesty, chastity, benevolence, virtue, doing good; those espoused by Paul almost two thousand years ago.