Great Gatsby! It’s a Roaring Twenties Macbeth Halloween Party!

In my book it is never too early to start planning your Halloween party. I’ve had a genius son with Asperger’s at home for the past eighteen years and have had to come up with creative low-cost ways to keep him entertained and off the street during the summer. Collaborative projects; gardening, creative activites have been the ticket for him. And for my sanity, well, I’ve written.

I’m working on publicity for my Halloween book and came up with a fresh idea for this year’s party. With the release of The Great Gatsby, no I haven’t seen it yet, maybe a throwback 20’s style Halloween party…My BFF’s sisters-in-law who own a costume and gift shop in Tarzana and supply gifts and glitz the for the studios, are gearing up for the Roaring Twenties and I think its the bee’s knees. Among my all-time favorites for Halloween are the original Wizard of Oz books with the gorgeous authentic 20’s illustrations that show the fashion of the farm folk and the Emerald City elite.

One of my favorite Shakespeare tragedies is the dark tale of the Macbeths. Being related to the Bard is like having an uncle in the trade and I don’t mind borrowing liberally from his creative genius,
I don’t think he minds.

So what would be the result if we take the Macbeths, King Duncan and the Scottish entourage and placed them in the 20’s?
There are already castles aplenty at Halloween so that’s easy, speak easy that is. Lady Macbeth could be a flapper hosting a Halloween tea. And BTW King Duncan, I wouldn’t get too close to these folks if you know what’s best for you. There will be more details later, but the menu is in place and the evening’s entertainment is being created as we speak, easy that is.