A Tribute to Mom – Happy Mother’s Day

A Tribute to Mother
“Mother I love you so,” said the child.
“I love you more than I know.”
She laid her head on her mother’s arm
And the love between them kept them warm.”
Margaret Florence Smith
Happy Mother’s Day to
Sister and
The women who give life,
and give joy.
Who bled,
and fed,
and hid Easter eggs,
and wrapped gifts
and dyed Halloween costumes.
Who took me to the zoo
and Disneyland,
and grew pumpkins,
and taught me to play chess
and feed my babies.
Who taught me to write thank you notes
And have good manners
and remember birthdays
and ancestors
(and love them).
And gave me crayons
and dolls
and retainers
and fishnet nylons
and a radio to take to the beach.
Who took me to visit my grandparents
and on road trips
and swimming
and had a barbecue.
Who taught me to pray
and love
and find joy
and set a beautiful table.
And to watch out for little ones,
and spell correctly,
 and feed stray kittens,
and read books.
And to try,
and fail,
and try again.
Who found our great grandfathers were kings
and great grandmothers were queens.  
Who took pictures,
and listened as I learned to read,
and filled a piñata.
And eat Thanksgiving at the beach like Pilgrims,
and go on bike rides,
and read Luke on Christmas Eve,
and sing carols,
and find treats in my stocking.
To share with those in need,
and love art and beauty,
and wear bows in my hair
and shoes that fit,
and remember God and go to church.
Who sewed clothes,
and prayed for soldiers,
and firemen,
and missionaries,
and me. 
Who baked cakes
and arranged flowers,
and made 20,000 meals,
and made me brush my teeth.
And bought sugar sticks,
and made drawings,
and bread,
and Beef Stroganoff.
And soothed wounded hearts,
and took us to movies,
and to the woods,
and the sea.
And played
and prayed
and gave time and love and life.
Thank you.


Congratulations Newell!

Congratulations to my brilliant husband who was just named the University of Utah Preceptor of the Year! He mentors newly trained Dietitians from the U, BYU and other areas of the world. Way to go!

He also writes amazing science fiction, if you need a really good story with excellent characterization, a twisting plot and unexpected ending please check out his Commodore Farmer on Amazon.com, you’ll be glad you did.

Art Exhibit This Friday


The University of Utah’s BFA Show is Friday, April 19 in the Felt Building, 341 South Main Street from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  during the Gallery Stroll in Salt Lake City. I have five pieces in the show; this oil, 3 watercolors and an etching. This was a response to Cezanne’s apple paintings in the late nineteenth century, it represents a 21st Century American still life; I call it American Kitchen. Come see the show!


American Kitchen

Tulips and Daffodils From My Garden

The Shepherdess, after Bouguereau