Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for 1619…

My ancestor,  William Tracy, came from England to America in 1619 to serve as Governor of the Berkeley Colony in Virginia. The company’s charter gave them instructions to kneel and give thanks when they arrived; and every year thereafter. America’s first Thanksgiving was held in Virginia one year before the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts in 1620.  Last month on my birthday we traveled to […]

Time For A Climate Change: Civility and Respect; A Remedy to Bullying and Hate

While bullying and hate crimes fill the news and desrupt the peaceful environment we long for; we may wonder what are the remedies? Some people strive to do the right thing; to please God, be an ethical person, to help others… there are myriads of reasons; social, emotional, physical. We may wish to help, but not know how to teach and encourage respect through […]