Giving Thanks for Family Bingo

Grandma Roberts loved a good game of Bingo with her family.
She delighted in carefully choosing  gifts for the winners. She loved having her family around the table, playing, teasing and enjoying one another’s company.
Grandma has “graduated” but we still like to honor her memory with a rousing game of Bingo. For Thanksgiving we use candy corn for markers, you can pick it up on sale after Halloween for cheap!


I haven’t made up the new cards yet, but I’m designing them in my mind. I’m going to gather photos of past family members and create
a family bingo, to help our little ones learn the faces of the dear departed. I’ll post them when they’re finished. Now’s a good time to pick up a few gifts while you are looking at Christmas stocking fillers. The dollar aisle at Michaels, Target and dollar stores are
good places to start. Also, ask relatives who are coming for Thanksgiving to bring prizes. My mom, uncles and aunts bring the best things!