Happy Father’s Day

HAPPY FATHER”S DAY to our favorite hero! Guys love to talk; here’s a questionnaire to share with Dad to find out a little bit more about him, his dreams and history. You might want to pass it along to grandpa and uncles too!

Some of your favorite things

What you loved to do with your Mom

…Your Dad

Your favorite relatives (and why)

Values your family instilled in you

Favorite childhood activities

Family trips

Books you loved

Who were your heroes?

Your dreams?

Your sisters and brothers

Your childhood home

Your grandparents

Memories of church

Your favorite teacher in elementary school (and why)

Your favorite holiday (and why)

Your favorite subjects in high school

Some popular songs

Did you play sports, act, write or….

What you did with friends

Your first job

Your first car

How you met my mother

Why they picked my name

About college

Your accomplishments

Service to God

Service in the community

Favorite vacations

People you’ve known

Your favorite president

Present dreams

Your favorite game

Your favorite scripture story

Things you wish you’d done differently

Your passions

Your hobbies

What you’d like to do

Life’s lessons you’d like to pass along to your family